About the Company

“Laboratory of Antiseptics” is an innovative company dealing with research innovations and manufacturing of disinfectants and detergents for use in public health organizations, food industry enterprises, veterinary, and wellness industry.

LABORATORY OF ANTISEPTICS has been certified in accordance with latest requirements of an international standard ISO 9001:2015, in area “Development, manufacture, and sale of disinfectants and detergents”.

Multiple quality control of manufactured products is performed onsite. It consists of incoming quality control of all components of product manufacturing, namely raw material, labels, packaging, wrapping material etc., control of compliance with reference documentation in manufacturing at specified critical points, intermediate product and production quality control providing reliability, safety and manufactured product compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our disinfectants and detergents have been tested in leading accredited testing laboratory centers and demonstrated high efficiency concerning bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and detergent properties, as well as high safety for humans and environment that is critically important. Besides, our products cause no damage to the contacted surfaces. Therefore, they are very practical and economical to use.

When manufacturing disinfectants and detergents we use the components and raw material of leading manufacturers of world chemical industry.

Studies and developments of new disinfectants and detergents of exclusive formulations and commercially viable for any type of activity are the area of priority for Company “Laboratory of Antiseptics”.

We closely cooperate with our consumers and partners. It allows keeping an ear to the ground and understanding their requirements to new products.

Development of new disinfectants and detergents is carried out in the company’s laboratory in close collaboration with leading research and testing laboratory centers.

“Laboratory of Antiseptics” cooperates with the following organizations, namely State Institution “L.V. Gromashevskii Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Central Sanitary and Epidemiological Station of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, State Institution “Yu.I.Kundiiev Occupational Medicine Institution of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Institute of Animal Science of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, State Scientific Research Control Institute of Veterinary Medicinal Products and Feed Additives.

“Laboratory of Antiseptics” solves any biosafety issues.